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Belly dancing
Laughter Yoga

Dance to free yourself!

Inspired by meditation techniques, yoga, African dance, free dance, and oriental dance, all brought together with one single purpose: Help you to feel good with yourself, letting go of all that doesn't serve you anymore, while re-connecting with your unique, authentic, beautiful, YOU :)

Meditative dance class for emotional and stress release, designed specially for women and busy mums, where we slow down, forget about "good or bad" judgments and just, let us be, in our uniqueness and beauty, connecting with our true essence.

To have fun, feel joy, heal (the movement of our body as a healing channel), liberate, connect... and leave the room in peace within yourself.

No previous experience in dance or in meditation required, AT ALL

Contact me here if you want to be aware of my upcoming mind&body workshops in Geneva-Lausanne area

Discover the joy and the benefits of belly dance: connect to your feminine soul, to your sensuality and to your intuition! Forget about everything, and just dance... from your belly...

Read more about the benefits of belly dance here.


Private workshops are available upon request, also for bachelor's parties!


Workshops for beginners and intermediates: for those who have never done belly dancing but want to try it, or for those that just want to belly dance again embracing its countless benefits.


Contact me here if you want to organise a Belly Dance workshop or want to be aware of my upcoming workshops

Did you know that the brain doesn't differentiate in between a fake laughter, and a real laughter, when it comes to release serotonins and all the amazing chemical reactions that happen after a good laughter?

That's one of the basis of Laughter Yoga, a class where we have fun like kids, let our laughter be, and "train the laughter muscle" to feel relaxed, healthier, free, joyful, and happier. On top, it boost our immune system among many other benefits.

I offer regular online and face-to-face sessions, and welcome everyone to contact me to discover more of this beautiful practice.

Laughter Yoga welcomes EVERYONE. No previous experience in Yoga or similar disciplines is needed. It can only do good for you!

ALERT: Once tried, you will want more!

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upcoming workshops

Jan 01, 2020

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“The dance workshop for women was great! Loving teacher and warm atmosphere.. It was perfect to reconnect with body and femininity. Thank you Merce!❤️ "

Pauline, a gorgeous woman in her 20's

“I really enjoyed your workshop today:-) i especially enjoyed

the last part.. free dance! And also loving moment...looking forward to another one soon❤️"

Anonymous, a gorgeous woman in her 30's

“The courses are very well guided! Mercè is a woman who shares her passion for dance with joy and transmits only good energies."

Isabel, a gorgeous woman in her 40's

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