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If you want to know more about my workshops, or want to organise a private Laughter Yoga workshop for a party, a special occasion, or for your employees's wellbeing, or want to organise a "Dance to liberate" session for a large group, or just want to know a little bit more about my services, contact me and I'll be happy to answer to your needs!

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Hi! My name is Mercè. I was born in Barcelona in the 80's and I've been dancing since I was a child. I love the feeling of creating while connecting with our bodies through sounds & music, without judgement at all.


I believe that through dancing and laughter we can improve our self-confidence, unblock emotional barriers, be more creative, allow you to be the best version of yourself, and better listen to your unique intuition.


I've been dancing belly-dancing, salsa, flamenco, openfloor, african, tribal and other styles. I've been practicing yoga & meditation too since several years, and after getting officially Certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader, I've been leading Laughter Yoga online workshops for clients worldwide, spreading the joy of Laughter around the world. 


I have experienced myself the transformative power of meditation, dance and laughter yoga, and I'm great at sharing this passion in a way that my participants leave the room feeling energized, in peace, and full of love.

My ultimate goal is to contribute to peace in the world by helping human beings connect with their inner-peace, source of joy, self-esteem, happiness, and wellbeing.

Remind: You're the ultimate creator of your own life. Happiness is not found in a job, in a dress or in someone else reaction, but in you: Choose to create to yourself the life you deserve, enjoy and love, every single instant! Movement and Laughter as catalyst tools to your own happiness! 

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