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I've guided dance therapy workshops for children with autism in a summer camp for children with special needs and everybody, kids, volunteers, school directors... we all had a great time and kids succeed to express through dancing :-).

I've also guided dance therapy workshop in a rural village in The Philippines to help children improve self-confidence and self-esteem.

In collaboration with a child educator, I've also guided art-dance workshops for parents with their kids, to enjoy the magic bond parent-child.

If you are interested in organising a dance workshop for children with specific needs, I'd be happy to help :-)




What: 45 minutes of fun while dancing with easy movements, improving coordination, social skills, body awareness, expression, self-esteem, confidence... and much more!


How: Small groups (maximum 10 kids), using themes as "Pirates", "Animals", "Professions" or "tribal communities". We'll explore imagination while dancing! We'll be dancing without judgement!


When: See upcoming events below. Also available upon request or for private events such as a children's birthday.


Where: Mostly at an indoor location in Nyon (a dance hall). But it can also be at your place or outdoors in public parks in summer.




NEXT WORKSHOP march 11th

Dance workshop for children from 4 y.o. to 8 y.o. with focus on joy, empowerment and creativity! Parents are more than welcome to stay and dance with us!

In this workshop, we will dance using our imagination to move our bodies, express ourselves, improve self-confidence and feel good! 

Where: Rue Saint-Jean 1, 1260 Nyon

25 CHF per kid.

Contact me if you want to enroll your kid. Mandatory registration. Feel free to share it with your friends and neighbours! 

Looking forward to Happy Dance with you :-)


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