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Dance without judgements: What is it?

My "Dance to release" classes are not a usual dance class where students learn technique. In fact, we don't learn any technique at all. We might "unlearn" what we have been told. We learn through ourselves (ourselves as "the learning channel") looking inwards. That's where the magic relies!

My classes, instead of being an "outside -> in" or "external" approach, meaning that we look at the teacher from the outside, and then we try to replicate those movements (and then frustrations can come, comparisons....), "Dance to release" classes are an inside-> out perspective: Each and everyone of us will look deeply inside himself, and then it's going to move however his inner guidance will tell. There's no right or wrong, there's no comparison in between colleagues, a mirror, or such a thing as a "teacher standard", because there's no "one single way of moving", but just "YOUR WAY".

YOUR WAY, moving to the rhythm of your own body/voice, that's what we are looking for, not moving as someone else which might have different needs/emotions/background..., just moving as you feel and need, without judging yourself, at all, but from an attitude of open heart, unconditional listening, compassion and love.

Everything is allowed, and everything is fine as soon as it's a movement that comes from your heart, from your intuition, from listening deeply inwards, how your body feels, which emotions are asking to be released, what you feel in need to express through movement... just let it out! express it! move it! however you want, there are no "external" rules! Forgetting completely about how it looks like, how it is supposed to look... or all this "mind" stuff. It's a kind of meditation in motion.

Forget perfect, to allow REAL. Forget "doing" to allow BEING. Forget "following outside", to allow "feeling and listening your own true".

What matters only is to "FEEL", connect deeply with your inner voice, and let that inner wisdom move you, as it is, without judging, without limiting it, allowing it to express as it is, in its full potential.

The benefits of this approach of dancing are enormous: Stagnant emotions are released, "heavy stuff" that is holding you back is let go, it frees oneself, you will feel lighter, more peaceful with you, and happier. It allows you to experiment different movements and discover new ways of moving you wouldn't image you can move (as usually we have the mind limiting or judging you, but as soon as you remove the judging and allow you to be who and how you are, you discover all the potential you have, and this is in itself a powerful healing process. You (your body, your internal organs, your own inner child, your intuition) will feel recognised, heard, accepted and loved in an unconditional manner, something we don't do every day, and when done, it gives you strength, confidence, self-steem and resilience. It shows you how it feels to move freely as you are, and once experienced, you would start to live your life with much more inner freedom and peace, you will allow you to be you, as authentic as you are, because you will have experienced through dancing that there's no "one way of being", despite what society aims to make us thing, but that we are all unique in our way and limiting or judging our identity is the worst thing we can do to ourselves, and even our loved ones: Once you allow yourself to be yourself purely as you are, your source of creativity opens and you become available to use and experiment your full potential, from a place of true love.

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