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Origins of Happy Dance

Who's behind Happy Dance? This is where all started... :)

January 2013. Cantilan del Sur. The Philippines.

5 years ago, in a small rural village in the South island of The Philippines, my partner and I offered ourselves as a volunteers in the only school of the village... There, it's where the concept of teaching dance with the ultimate goal of increasing self-confidence, empowering and promoting inner joy, started.

In this rural school, I taught different dance styles, from flamenco to salsa and belly dance with this hidden "emotional" goal...

Before starting the class, the kids emanated shyness and a "not daring" approach..., it was a TRUE GIFT for me to see how the kids were transformed through the dance, becoming confident, full of joy and able to express themselves.

The power of dance when taught and danced from the heart without judgements is extraordinary...

Through dance we can transform shyness into daring, anger into acceptance, hate into love, regrets into forgiveness... and joy into even bigger joy!

Here's a little bit more about our volunteering experience in the village. I will always be thankful to all those that opened us the doors to enter that rural village one day, and live a transformational and very happy experience during the whole stay!

May all experience the benefits of dancing without judgements!

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