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Dance as if nobody is watching...


Dance is a source of well-being, joy and inspiration!

Happy Dance wants you to:

vibrate and connect with your body; 

dance as if you were at a children playground

free yourself from stress; 

improve self-esteem & confidence through movement; 

enjoy dancing wild

break emotional barriers through dance therapy;

 and much more... 


Happy Dance offers laughter yoga online or face-to-face sessions, belly dancing workshops, meditative dance classes for mind-soul-body connection through movement, fun dance workshops for children and private dance workshops for children. All of it, either online, or in person!


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“The dance workshop for women was great! Loving teacher and warm atmosphere.. It was perfect to reconnect with body and femininity. Thank you Merce!❤️ "

Pauline, a gorgeous woman in her 20's

“I really enjoyed your workshop today:-) i especially enjoyed

the last part.. free dance! And also loving moment...looking forward to another one soon❤️"

Anonymous, a gorgeous woman in her 30's

“The courses are very well guided! Mercè is a woman who shares her passion for dance with joy and transmits only good energies."

Isabel, a gorgeous woman in her 40's

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